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Adilah’s first post

okay soo this is my first post, SALAM to you all!! i finally figured out how to sign on to this thing….

being here in egypt is soo exciting for me! i love it! even though i get honked at all the time, always feel lk my toes are going 2 get run over, getting ripped off sometimes with shopping, smelling lk smoke and cigs from the coffee shop, and get made fun of bc of my arabic…. ITS ALL GOOD!!!!!!! i love the fact that im back 2 hanging my clothes out to dry, and that im in a apt with 6 great gals who make me laugh no matter what! and that i can find mango juice ANYWHERE!!

i have many sad, and happy, and GM (girls things 😉 ) moments on this trip and i will never forget the memmories!

MAS deff picked a great group of people for this trip, bc it nv could have been better!

-adilah, aka anfy, aka add, aka nicole… lol


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Lately we’ve been bonding… the girls in our apartment. Well I can tell you that we seem to be learning a lot about each other, I can only speak for myself when I say that I’ve learning about myself too by sharing. The other day when we were at Masjid Bilal (the Masjid like less than a block away)… a lady gave the other girls who had come to pray I’sha and myself some gifts… subhana’Allah, she told us is was from the women of the Masjid. I felt like they truly liked us. On Monday, the same lady was at the‘other sisters’ apartment for iftar. Well, when I got there I couldn’t understand practically anything she was saying. I remember trying to make out her body/sign language (which I seem to be doing a lot of here in Misr). Also, someone mentioned that she was feeling bad because of the language barrier. So, they asked us to try and speak in Arabic for her sake. We all just kind of paused what we were doing and someone broke the silence with a statement that: if we are only going to speak in Arabic, everyone will just stay relatively quiet…implying just exactly how limited our Arabic is! Sad, but that is our reality. When we all gathered to pray maghrib, the same lady lead the prayer. And all I gotta say is Subhana’Allah! Right when I heard al-fatiha, this realization came over me that the one thing that we DO understand each other through is prayer. Seems like such an obvious analogy that probably has been pointed out an immense number of times…. But to me, an UNDERSTANDING along with its impact hit me then. I felt closer to her. Subhana’Allah. Because when I think about it more, prayer is the dearest act of worship for us as Muslims. We are standing in front of our Lord in the most respectful way we know. Plus, recalling divine words, seeking refuge, and just worshipping altogether. And Alhamdulillah! If we can’t understand our brothers and sisters around the world because of some cultural and situational differences… we can understand them in prayer. (which is our deepest, dearest act of worship) Yes… Allah (An-Noor) has indeed blessed the Ummah.  May all the Muslims on this trip and around the world striving to learn Arabic for the sake of Allah (swt) receive great reward, patience, strength, and knowledge…aameen -lisa                           


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Let’s Get Vulnerable

So, I’m sort of an impatient person. When I first got here, I didn’t want to waste my time having small talk and discussing the weather. The first opportunity I had with my roomies, I got them down and shouted, “Alright, let’s get really open and uncomfortable so that we can become closer real fast. Share with us a vulnerable moment.” Let me just say that two and a half weeks in and my roomies and I can’t stop sharing these vulnerability stories….not because we’re masochistic, but simply because we’ve gotten so close over such a short period of time.

SubhanAllah, some people mentioned they were homesick a few days in and I had to sit and wonder if something was wrong with me because I was feeling right at home here with my girls. I love my friends and family and blog, email, and call them every other day, but I can’t deny the sadness I feel when I just imagine the day I’ll have to leave all of this beauty behind.

We have bonding time, Quran time, salat time, study time, sleep time (quite limited though), food time (quite expansive), ashkur Allah time, AWESOME HILARIOUS Arabic class time, and quiet read/write to yourself time.

Being detached from all the distractions of my daily life back home has helped me achieve my goal of bringing me back to my spiritual roots and I could not have done this without the Mercy of Allah and His blessing me with the roommates, friends, and experiences I had asked for in my duaas I made at home.

This SA Program has grounded my life in a way that will completely effect every action I take from here on out. Shout out to Hiat Saleh and Amr who have made us very comfortable and feeling well taken care of. What else can I say but All Praisings and Blessings Belong to Allah (swt).


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Salam from Egypt

Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat Allahy Wa Barakatu To All

Well I dont know where to start, maybe by thanking Allah (swt) for giving me this chance to be here to experience this beautiful country, as well as the people. then to everyone else like my mom who actually let me go…lol. And definitetly to all the inside people who made this trip possible like Heba, Ayman, and Abdul Rahman. I know that Im missing quite a few people so please forgive me for that, those are the people that Ive met in fact I didnt know about Abdul Rahman, my brother Musa told me to make sure to mention his name. A very very very special thanks to Hiat and Amr, whom without them we would have become savages…lol. Seriously though, Alhamdullilah for them both. theyre really handling everything well (with very little sleep. Inshallah Allah (swt) rewards them in the duniya and Akhira for there efforts in helping us all to learn the language of the Koran, which is almost the main purpose for all of us.

Overall its been real cool, It was kind of weird though because in the beginning I didnt feel like I was in Egypt, just the Real World “Egypt Style”…lol. Ive never travelled outside of America, but Im from Michigan, so it was kind of like going down Warren Ave. in Detroit. Now I see that theyre are definitely some differences.

We went to the Jumah prayer today and it was wonderful to see how many people attended. In America we do see a lot of people at the friday prayer but not this much and there are two mosques on every block. It was great seeing the hussel and bussel of Egypt. Inshallah we will keep you all posted.



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