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Ammerah has been blogging privately all that time

Hey everybody, go visit Ammerah’s blog and check her adventures in Cairo 🙂


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Life continues fee Umm Ad-Dunya

~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~

Alhamdulillah wa salaatu wa salaamu a’la Rasulullah (S) wa a’la alehee wa as-habihi ajma’een

Im not the best of writers, so if this gets difficult/boring to read u can just stop like half way through lol, i understand dont worry.. I cant express some of the artistic beauty and the eloquence that some of the sisters have put on here and some of the humor others have put in their blogs, bes i thought i would try inshallah (someone has to have a bad one so we can truly appreciate the good ones lol). I came with the major intention of learning arabic and honestly not much else. I didnt realize the amount of Islamic things that was involved in the trip, so when i found out, my intention began to change and widen to a bunch of different intentions all under one major theme, which is correcting my Islam in general. Over the last year or so, i’d say i have noticed that i needed to change a lot of things about myself and correct certain things about myself, and ofcourse strengthen my deen. So now that im here, hamdulillah i can say not only am i trying, but i have people around me that are helping me and motivating me to do things that will improve my faith. I still cant believe the amount of brotherhood that we have so far.. almost a week (for me, two weeks for everyone else) and already i feel like i have 4 people that i can talk to about pretty much anything (my brother doesnt count lol). The things that usually stay with me the longest arent the memories of goin somewhere or doing some activity, its actually the conversations that i have with people.. those moments seem to last… so far we have all had some group coversations which were cool, but on top of those me and a couple of the guys would jus chill on the balcony some nights when we stay up till fajr and talk.. about life.. about family.. religion.. any and everything… and hamdulillah i dont think there is anything better than when you are traveling with complete strangers, that you feel like you can talk to someone about literally anythng.. Musa and i have had some awesome conversations, lol passed all the stories of fighting people and the funny stories about his friends doin this or that… and me and Hani have had an awesome convo the other night and hamdulillah me and Ridwan had a good talk tonight as well… and inshallah i think that so far these have been the three most memorable parts of my four day trip, lol and i’ll take 75% lol… i dont know how the sisterhood is, lol mad drama probably.. but its all good 😛

another awesome thing about the brothers, is that originally i honestly thought that i would just pay one of the sisters to help clean, or cook or something( i know that comes off as really sexist, lol but its true, i never really cleaned or cooked out of necessity) but hamdulillah everyone of the guys have been doing everything, with the exception of laundry which we send out, we have all been cooking and cleaning, lol including myself.. 😛

is it just me or does everyone we have encountered in Misr(not Masr) has seemed like the nicest people ever.. i dont know maybe its cuz we’re from jersey and everyone in the tri-state area (NY,NJ, and penn) are pretty mean by nature.. lol.. hamdulillah everyone wants to talk to us, and help us with this or that.. im almost confused by how awesome people here are… especially all the teachers of Al-Diwan, mashallah, i couldnt have asked for better teachers, and even the other teachers who are teaching me (realized i used the word teach a lot there) are mad nice, and they know me by name and like try to talk and help me with stuff, lol… i havent ever seen people go so far out of their way to try and not only help students but make them feel comfortable in what they are doing.. from amu waleed, to my teacher ustaz Ayman, to ustaz ehab, to ustaz mohammed ali, to everyone..
I love the tarbiyah and stuff that we do to better our deen by the way. Mashallah, Sr. Hiyat (hope i spelled that right) and Br. Amr have done an awesome job setting up this whole thing and keeping it interesting while not making it overly strenuous or structured, which allows us to do our own thing, and still benefit from the group… Another thing that will definetly stick out to me about this trip is the dua’a and khataras after fajr.. though everyone is mad tired and stuff.. i think those kinds of things is what people will gain the most from even if u accidently sleep during it cough(Hani)cough.. lol

ok so ya i just finished and then realized i thought of some more stuff lol… being here.. is a life changing experience, inshallah everyone will get that out of this trip.. and being away from my family, friends, my bed, my shower, my bathroom (which by the way im not gonna lie, when i originally saw the bathrooms i got just a little bit scared lol), my home, tv, and xbox lol, has given me a lot of time for self reflection, and inshallah i hope that it will give everyone else the same chance.. helps me to realize that though i miss home a lot.. as im sure that everyone else here does also for their own reasons, that we are here inshallah for the right intention, and like my brother said in the khatara about Maryam (A) that Allah does not let His slave down if it is done for the right reason… And inshallah dont underestimate the power of dua’a for anything, including feeling homesick, or feeling like classes are too hard, or something like that, its one of the most powerful things we as muslims have in our arsenal and inshallah we will all take advantage of the free time that we have been given by leaving the stresses of our life at home to the beauty of a foreign country….

umm i think thats all for now, i dont really know what to post this under.. so i picked a bunch of categories lol.. and ya by the way i like this blog idea.. and i do realize i keep updating this one entry lol and all in the same night, but i read over it and see that i had to add this or take that out, lol so my bad 😛


~Little Ittle (Little Yousaf)

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