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this blog died huh? lets try to revive it? or am i alone? :-P

Salaams Everyone, Ali here… Just wanted to see how everyone is doing, its been almost a year… and i feel horrble lol… im really bad at keeping in touch… i have talked to hani a couple of times through facebook (if that counts as legitimate conversation), i have seen Amr¬† and Ridwan once since Misr, and that was at CAM in chicago last weekend, and Musa… where u at man? i got a new phone so i don’t have ur number anymore… but ya… i just wanted to give my salaams to everyone.. hope all is doing well insha’Allah… hope that Misr has changed us for the better and we are upholding that change that we were trying to put into place… and ya, my number is 201-562-5257… someone, anyone… hit me up lol…

Ur brother from SAP 07



April 11, 2008 at 9:30 am 1 comment

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