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this blog died huh? lets try to revive it? or am i alone? :-P

Salaams Everyone, Ali here… Just wanted to see how everyone is doing, its been almost a year… and i feel horrble lol… im really bad at keeping in touch… i have talked to hani a couple of times through facebook (if that counts as legitimate conversation), i have seen Amr  and Ridwan once since Misr, and that was at CAM in chicago last weekend, and Musa… where u at man? i got a new phone so i don’t have ur number anymore… but ya… i just wanted to give my salaams to everyone.. hope all is doing well insha’Allah… hope that Misr has changed us for the better and we are upholding that change that we were trying to put into place… and ya, my number is 201-562-5257… someone, anyone… hit me up lol…

Ur brother from SAP 07



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Back in Jersey

~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~


Salaamz whats goin on everyone? i think most of you are actually still on ur planes back lol, i actually just got a little while ago… Hamdulillah… Im sitting right now infront of my computer writing this and i feel so weird… im not in the apartment using dial up.. or im not in an internet cafe with a bunch of five years olds playing games and smoking.. lol.. im in my room… and Musa’s not here telling some crazy story about his brothers or his friends, and hani’s not here making some random yet really deep comment about egypt or the people of egypt or life in general, and ridwan isnt here trying to convice everyone that something is wrong or something is right, amr isnt here playin nasheed in the background and giving us the brotherly advice that we need… my brother is on his way back right now, but hes not gona be on the phone with his fiance as much because he’ll probably be at their house or something lol…

i miss the fact that everything is no longer in walking distance… school(being a 40 minute drive away), masjid(10 minutes away), barber(35 minutes), supermarket(10 minutes)… etc… i miss the fact that i am not gona be able to hear the adhan in the streets as i am walking through them, especially during fajr… gona miss walking the streets right after fajr and smelling that certain sweetness in the air thats hard to describe, im gona miss my Jersey brothers that ended up goin to egypt!! like Erad, and Osama and Yassir… also the people we met their, like Amu Hani, who didnt even know me and my brother before this trip, like he never knew we existed, and he accepted us as like a part of his family, MashAllah, and im gona miss Jamaal, for his advice, his jokes, smacking me a few times lol, and getting whooped and the basketball court 😛 im gona miss all the group trips that we went on, and i think Jabla Tur, even though it was painful lol, and i get really sick right after it, was a perfect way to end the trip, and maybe the best of all the trips… O YA AND HOW CAN I FORGET THE MANGO JUICE!! well it was more like mango pulp… but still that was amazing lol, and the Sugarcane juice…

its funny, while in egypt i could only miss home, and now that im home i miss egypt… like the song says, you dont know what you got til its gone… Hamdulillah i cant thank everyone enough for putting this thing together, i know it took a lot of work, and inshAllah i think there is not one person on this trip that didnt walk out a little more spiritual and a little bit of a better Muslim, and inshAllah all the people that put this together will get the reward for that… Ameen.

Inshallah you all return home safely… and we gotta keep in touch man.. dont forget we gota a MAS conference coming up soon that we all gotta go to lol… Inshallah i will see you all soon, and if not, then inshallah i ask Allah that we can all meet each other in Jannah…if i had done anything good to help anyone then it was from Allah, and if i had done anything or said anything that offended anybody then it was from myself, and i ask for your sincere forgiveness…


Your Brother for life,


p.s. you ever need me, im only a phone call away, and anywhere from a 1 and half hour drive for Amr in Connecticut to a six hour flight for Ridwan in Cali, and everywhere in between..

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just some thoughts

 ~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~

i just have a lot on my mind at the moment so here goes….

its hard to look around egypt and not be completely humbled at the opportunities we were given… the way some people live.. they arent waking up and thinkin about what restaurant they are eating at today… or how they hate work.. or they hate school.. theres people here who wake up and wonder how they are gonna survive this day.. how are they gonna get the food they need to live.. and for most people school isnt even an option… they either never had the financial ability or just never had the chance to begin with… so who are we to complain about this kind of stuff? and granted i may just be feeling this way right now, and when i go back to the US i mite feel like this for a lil while and then it will pass.. but for now.. at this moment.. it hurts me to think i could be so spoiled that i could feel like a blessing is not enough… its funny today i was listening to Imam Anwar Awlaki’s Lives of the Prophets.. the story of Musa (A) (u know with the whole Jubla Tur trip coming up and stuff) and he talks about a certain instance that happens where after they crossed the red sea into Sinai they were given by Allah a Rizq of this specific type of food which no one was given before them.. and they went to Prophet Musa and asked him if he could make dua’a to Allah to give them more of a variety… SubhanAllah, after just witnessing the miracles of Allah, after being given this amazing rizq, and after being freed from slavery… The Prophet Muhammed (S) said when we learn about the stories of bani Israel (the descendants of Yaqub, now better known as the jews) that we should relate them to ourselves because our Ummah will fall into a lot of the same mistakes that they fell into… so i couldnt help but relate this story to myself atleast in America.. Given this amazing rizq of being born into a country where i can practice my religion almost completely without hassle, go to what ever school i want to, not have to worry bout starvation or begging to live… and then to complain that i dont want this or that…

another way i started to look at it is that everyone in this life is tested… no one is tested more than anyone else, and the test of this life is not more than we can bare… but the test that we face may be different than another persons… some may deal with poverty, others with family issues.. so on and so forth… so when we are tested its easy to say that no way this is too much for me.. no one knows how i feel… but i swear there are people that feel the same way… just because they arent going through the same exact situation as u are.. doesnt mean they wont understand… and something that we feel like isnt that big a deal, others to themselves may see it as something huge in their life… life is funny like that.. i remember we were at hajj.. and we were with this one brother who, MashAllah was amazing… i mean like we were confused about a certain ayat and what surah it was in, so we asked him, and he knew exactly what ayat, where it was, on what page, what part of the page.. and so on and so forth.. and i remember we were all talking this one time, and he asked the sheikh that was with us this question.. and he was asking how to better oneself.. and then he started to cry.. and he said that he felt like he was such a bad muslim sometimes… and i couldnt help but take a step back.. and just be like wow… this person is someone that literally everytime i went to the masjid i saw him there… and he feels like he is a bad muslim.. how should i feel?

InshAllah we will all be able to pass our lifes test with the help of Allah… lol i kinda lost my train of thought.. in the internet cafe.. mad stuff going on… lol… but hamdulillah this post was getting a little long and probably annoying anyway.. if i remember any of the other stuff, i’ll try and post it..



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more than words

~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~

Salaam, hope this post finds everyone in the best of health inshallah. i sprained my ankle a little bit, lol, but its no biggy, it was worth it to play some ball 😛

MashAllah, from what i can see, which mite be a limited perspective because i never really knew anyone here before this trip with the exception of my brother, i’ve seen everyone here change and want to change so much… i dont think i really have to say this, its kinda known.. Some of the discussions we have had, SubhanAllah, amazing man.. in the beginning we all wrote down some of the things we wanted to change in ourselves, and some of the things we wanted to accomplish before we left here..  the reason im righting this post is basically to say that, i think we all know what we have to do to change ourselves, and now in our last two weeks here, its time for more than words(maybe i have been listening to too much 80s music lol)… its time to start implementing the changes… we gotsta wake up and realize that we were given this chance that not many people have either because they couldnt afford it financially or maybe because they didnt have the time to come all this way to egypt to study arabic and better our deen… so now since we were given this chance by Allah, what are we gona do with it?  in full honesty, one of my biggest fears of going back is that i will fall right back into it my old habits and stuff… its easy to say we will change when we go back, but to actually make those changes is going to be hard, but if we cant implement those changes, what was this whole trip for? we have to remember that the shaytaan will try his hardest to get to us right when we get back, to try and make us fall right back into our old habits and so on and so forth, and its up to us to take control of our own nafs… InshAllah we will all be able to accomplish our goals that we set for ourselves on this trip, and keep those changes goin when we get back…

goin on these trips that probably most of us wouldnt go on if we werent here.. like the trip to the orphanage, in full honesty its the first time i have ever gone to anything like that, not because i havent had the opportunity, just because it never crossed my mind to do it… that trip was life changing man its hard to describe in words… if we didnt feel something after that trip, then we gotta check our selves (stealing my brothers line:-P) , inshAllah i ask Allah to soften our hearts, and allow us to recognize all of the benefits we can possibly get from trips like this one, and the trip like the one to the graves,  crazy… and the trips to come in the future… I dont know about everyone else but im excited about the trip to Mount Tur inshAllah… stepping on the same ground as Musa (A)… mmmmm.. amazing.. lol

on a side note, this trip is becoming a love hate relationship for me.. i love all the things we are doing here and the people are awesome and everything, but i just miss home, a lot more than i expected man.. lol my family, friends, everything… and i came a week late!! so i cant imagine what everyone else is going thru lol, i ask Allah to keep us all strong inshAllah, and to help us keep our focus on the remainder of the trip… lol its getting harder and harder to follow some of the posts up, lol, their getting deeper and deeper, inshAllah keep them coming, cuz they are awesome to read, i hope mine can live up to some of the other ones… lol

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What’s happening with the rest of the world?

~Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim~


Whats goin on everyone? Hopefully everyone is good.. just wanted to make a few observations, lol nothing too spiritually insightful or anything lol…

anyone know whats goin on in the world? lol becuz i honestly have no idea.. there cud honestly be world peace (though i highly doubt it) lol, or america cud have started another war with another country, or there cud have been massive floods and stuff.. and the 6 guys here in the apartment would not know what is goin on.. lol our tv with 600+ channels has not been watched, not becuz we didnt want to, but becuz not one of the 600 channels actually works lol… but hamdulillah it has actually made me realize i dont need tv, and the fact that back home i watch SO much is crazy.. lol honestly who needs tv when u have Musa’s ability to tell stories? lol

so in full honesty, can someone tell me how the rest of the world is? and how it has been for the last two weeks?


~little Ittle

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What is regret you ask?

~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~

Regret, as defined be = feeling of sorrow or remorse for a fault, act, loss, disappointment, etc.

so now im here in this beautiful country and i realize certain things about life.. we have all done things in our past that we are not necessarily proud of, i personally am not impervious to this, as i think everyone here is as well, not to say that i assume anything, but to think that a human being is not susceptible of mistakes is just insane. the word “in’san” comes from a root word meaning to forget, the word “Q’ulb” means literally to flip or turn over, even in non arabic cultures or non-muslim cultures even, phrases such as “To err is human, to forgive divine.”… so its easy to see that people in our past understand that we as humans make mistakes.

So now we as muslims who make these mistakes what are we to do or think about them? One point of view that never hit me up until a few minutes ago (by the way its now almost 9:30am and i have yet to sleep more than an hour lol so if i ramble on forgive me) is that the people chosen to represent this religion werent babies born into Islam. the greatest generation of people is… anyone? the sahaba.. now if we look at the greatest people from this generation, we see that they werent babies, or kids (with the exception of a few), they were older men, Abu Bakr As-Saddiq (R) was 38 when he accepted Islam, Umar bin Khattab was in his late 20s or ealry 30s, Hamza was older.. These were once people that were born into a pagan religion.. so why were they chosen? Like i mentioned above we all make mistakes, and the way i see it, the reason these people were given the responsibilty of making sure islam spreaad and survived, was just becausewe make mistakes, doesnt mean our life is over or that we cant be great people, or even reach the level of these people, it means that we have a chance to be forgiven for what we have done and start over.. clean slate.. and why cant we imagine a clean slate for ourselves? why cant we give ourselves that chance of starting new… Islam offers it, its up to us to accept it, and make true sincere taubah to Allah…

so this brings me to the reason as to why i bring this topic up, in my life i can name countless upon countless things i have said or done that caused me to feel disappointment in myself. i mean there are moments where something will happen, and right after that i will ask myself why i said that, or why i reacted that way or why i did this and etc. so what is to stop us from falling into a state of depression? a state of complete “regret” for everything we have done wrong to anyone, anything or even to ourselves? into an endless pit of self pity and remorse? i was trying to think about this for a while…

Fate as defined by recognize this isnt exactly MLA format :-p) – that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny

Fate as defined by Islam in Surah Al-Isra – Your Sustainer is fully aware of what you are [and what you deserve]: if He so wills, he will bestow [His] grace upon you; and if He so wills, He will chastise you. Hence, We have not sent thee [unto men, O Prophet,] with the power to determine their fate

So now where am i trying to go with this? one of my ways of explaining the way we should no longer feel regret is through fate. dont get me wrong, just because Allah has determined and written down our lives for us, does not mean we are not responsible for our own actions, i dont mean to (astaghfirAllah) say that its Allah’s will we sin, knowing that Allah has predetermined our lives, does that affect our decisions? of course not… what i mean to say is that fate can help us to understand why we as humans make mistakes. sometimes though, we need to stop trying to control everything and just let go.. accept what is and what was and continue on..where would i be if i had not made mistakes before this? would i be able to see what is right if i had never done wrong? would i have ever been able to understand the pleasure of life and Islam if i had not hit rock bottom once or twice in my life? would we be on this trip to try to better our Islam unless we had felt like it was lacking because of mistakes we have made? i kno it can sound redundant to keep saying this, but life doesnt last very long, its too short to fall into the empty pit of hopelessness and despair, instead we can try to understand why things happen, try to understand this abstract concept of fate and our purpose in life and where to go from here.. because once we realize we have hit the ground, we can start to look up…

From this we move onto our purpose.. that i will leave up to everyone to define themselves, because the definition of one of us may not be complete for the rest of us.. i hope inshAllah that this helps, just wanted to share my thoughts on some feelings of late.. InshAllah Allah allows us to get the most out of this trip and our trip on earth, and helps to pull us out of our pit if we happen to fall into one..

the Yousafs seem to be ruling the message board, lol, inshAllah i hope that everyone will be able to have time to re-lay their feelings and insights, because it can help to see other people feeling or going through the same we are, and maybe they have a way out of it.. inshAllah me and my brother will try not to hog the message board 😛


~Little Ittle

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Life continues fee Umm Ad-Dunya

~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~

Alhamdulillah wa salaatu wa salaamu a’la Rasulullah (S) wa a’la alehee wa as-habihi ajma’een

Im not the best of writers, so if this gets difficult/boring to read u can just stop like half way through lol, i understand dont worry.. I cant express some of the artistic beauty and the eloquence that some of the sisters have put on here and some of the humor others have put in their blogs, bes i thought i would try inshallah (someone has to have a bad one so we can truly appreciate the good ones lol). I came with the major intention of learning arabic and honestly not much else. I didnt realize the amount of Islamic things that was involved in the trip, so when i found out, my intention began to change and widen to a bunch of different intentions all under one major theme, which is correcting my Islam in general. Over the last year or so, i’d say i have noticed that i needed to change a lot of things about myself and correct certain things about myself, and ofcourse strengthen my deen. So now that im here, hamdulillah i can say not only am i trying, but i have people around me that are helping me and motivating me to do things that will improve my faith. I still cant believe the amount of brotherhood that we have so far.. almost a week (for me, two weeks for everyone else) and already i feel like i have 4 people that i can talk to about pretty much anything (my brother doesnt count lol). The things that usually stay with me the longest arent the memories of goin somewhere or doing some activity, its actually the conversations that i have with people.. those moments seem to last… so far we have all had some group coversations which were cool, but on top of those me and a couple of the guys would jus chill on the balcony some nights when we stay up till fajr and talk.. about life.. about family.. religion.. any and everything… and hamdulillah i dont think there is anything better than when you are traveling with complete strangers, that you feel like you can talk to someone about literally anythng.. Musa and i have had some awesome conversations, lol passed all the stories of fighting people and the funny stories about his friends doin this or that… and me and Hani have had an awesome convo the other night and hamdulillah me and Ridwan had a good talk tonight as well… and inshallah i think that so far these have been the three most memorable parts of my four day trip, lol and i’ll take 75% lol… i dont know how the sisterhood is, lol mad drama probably.. but its all good 😛

another awesome thing about the brothers, is that originally i honestly thought that i would just pay one of the sisters to help clean, or cook or something( i know that comes off as really sexist, lol but its true, i never really cleaned or cooked out of necessity) but hamdulillah everyone of the guys have been doing everything, with the exception of laundry which we send out, we have all been cooking and cleaning, lol including myself.. 😛

is it just me or does everyone we have encountered in Misr(not Masr) has seemed like the nicest people ever.. i dont know maybe its cuz we’re from jersey and everyone in the tri-state area (NY,NJ, and penn) are pretty mean by nature.. lol.. hamdulillah everyone wants to talk to us, and help us with this or that.. im almost confused by how awesome people here are… especially all the teachers of Al-Diwan, mashallah, i couldnt have asked for better teachers, and even the other teachers who are teaching me (realized i used the word teach a lot there) are mad nice, and they know me by name and like try to talk and help me with stuff, lol… i havent ever seen people go so far out of their way to try and not only help students but make them feel comfortable in what they are doing.. from amu waleed, to my teacher ustaz Ayman, to ustaz ehab, to ustaz mohammed ali, to everyone..
I love the tarbiyah and stuff that we do to better our deen by the way. Mashallah, Sr. Hiyat (hope i spelled that right) and Br. Amr have done an awesome job setting up this whole thing and keeping it interesting while not making it overly strenuous or structured, which allows us to do our own thing, and still benefit from the group… Another thing that will definetly stick out to me about this trip is the dua’a and khataras after fajr.. though everyone is mad tired and stuff.. i think those kinds of things is what people will gain the most from even if u accidently sleep during it cough(Hani)cough.. lol

ok so ya i just finished and then realized i thought of some more stuff lol… being here.. is a life changing experience, inshallah everyone will get that out of this trip.. and being away from my family, friends, my bed, my shower, my bathroom (which by the way im not gonna lie, when i originally saw the bathrooms i got just a little bit scared lol), my home, tv, and xbox lol, has given me a lot of time for self reflection, and inshallah i hope that it will give everyone else the same chance.. helps me to realize that though i miss home a lot.. as im sure that everyone else here does also for their own reasons, that we are here inshallah for the right intention, and like my brother said in the khatara about Maryam (A) that Allah does not let His slave down if it is done for the right reason… And inshallah dont underestimate the power of dua’a for anything, including feeling homesick, or feeling like classes are too hard, or something like that, its one of the most powerful things we as muslims have in our arsenal and inshallah we will all take advantage of the free time that we have been given by leaving the stresses of our life at home to the beauty of a foreign country….

umm i think thats all for now, i dont really know what to post this under.. so i picked a bunch of categories lol.. and ya by the way i like this blog idea.. and i do realize i keep updating this one entry lol and all in the same night, but i read over it and see that i had to add this or take that out, lol so my bad 😛


~Little Ittle (Little Yousaf)

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