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We have made some of you as a trial for others

There is wisdom in constantly reading the Quran and contemplating over Allah’s words; your new exeperiences in life force you to understand particular ayat in a way you had never understood them before.  I must have read aya 20 in surat al -furqan many times in the past, but in all honestly, I don’t  remember contemplating over this one particular aya until now, while in Egypt.  The aya reads: “And the Messengers whom We sent before you were all (men) who ate food and walked through the streets. We have made some of you as a trial for others. Will you have patience? For Allah is One Who sees (all things). ” When I read this aya it dawned on me that it is very relevent to our stay in Egypt. 19 people came together with the same goal: to learn Arabic. I believe we have gotten much more out of this trip than Arabic.  We have learned a lot about ourselves.  We are who we are today, at this very moment in our lives, because of the complex interplay between our own gentic makeup, temperment, environment etc. We are not only different in physical appereance but also in the way we think and behave.  Having to live and deal with someone you did not grow up with or choose to be with can be a test. How do you deal with someone whose personality is very much different than your own? What happens when you are put in an apartment with 6 people who don’t understand you. You make a choice. You choose to know them. Better yet, you choose to understand them. And for no other reason but to please Allah (swt). Why does my sister tend to leave the group after a little bit of socializing? Why can’t he take anything seriously? Does she ever stop talking? To me that aya addresses this very point, Allah (swt) could have created us all the same but he didn’t.  Dealing with difference is a challenge and requires patience. It requires a committment to understand your brother and sister and then patience as you interact with someone who may be very different from you.  In an attempt to understand each other we have learned a lot about our own selves.

I feel blessed to have spent this summer with this group of  brothers and sisters. I ask everyone to forgive me if I have said or done anything to hurt them.



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The sisters’ corner

Assalamu alaikum,

It’s Hiat here. Yeah, I’ve been MIA for a while now. Lots to say …where do I begin. We are 13 sisters in total in two apartments in two buildings – about 5 minutes away from each other, 7 sisters in one and 6 in another. Alhamdulillah it is working out very well, interesting dynamics in both apartments. The sisters meet up at the masjid for fajr and come togehter in one of the apartments, recite athkar and reflect. This hasn’t been easy for most, but alhamudillah we’re trying. Ok a true test of personality… how one responds when waking up for fajr. You can learn a lot about someone that way 🙂 Some of the most memorable times thus far are sitting on the balcony, having breakfast, reading quran and chatting early in the morning…very peaceful time..the city hasn’t woken up yet 🙂 Some of us have decided to take advantage of the blessings of the early morning. We have all chosen some goals to work on during our stay here with the intent of establishing good habits and inshaAllah generalizing those new habits to our lives back home. Ok I’m off for now. It’s 11:55 pm one of our goals: establish a routine to ensure we are alert in class and maintain good health :).

Here’s a picture of us eating at Khan Al-Khalili

More updates, relections and pictures to come…


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