Back in Jersey

August 6, 2007 at 3:22 pm Leave a comment

~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~


Salaamz whats goin on everyone? i think most of you are actually still on ur planes back lol, i actually just got a little while ago… Hamdulillah… Im sitting right now infront of my computer writing this and i feel so weird… im not in the apartment using dial up.. or im not in an internet cafe with a bunch of five years olds playing games and smoking.. lol.. im in my room… and Musa’s not here telling some crazy story about his brothers or his friends, and hani’s not here making some random yet really deep comment about egypt or the people of egypt or life in general, and ridwan isnt here trying to convice everyone that something is wrong or something is right, amr isnt here playin nasheed in the background and giving us the brotherly advice that we need… my brother is on his way back right now, but hes not gona be on the phone with his fiance as much because he’ll probably be at their house or something lol…

i miss the fact that everything is no longer in walking distance… school(being a 40 minute drive away), masjid(10 minutes away), barber(35 minutes), supermarket(10 minutes)… etc… i miss the fact that i am not gona be able to hear the adhan in the streets as i am walking through them, especially during fajr… gona miss walking the streets right after fajr and smelling that certain sweetness in the air thats hard to describe, im gona miss my Jersey brothers that ended up goin to egypt!! like Erad, and Osama and Yassir… also the people we met their, like Amu Hani, who didnt even know me and my brother before this trip, like he never knew we existed, and he accepted us as like a part of his family, MashAllah, and im gona miss Jamaal, for his advice, his jokes, smacking me a few times lol, and getting whooped and the basketball court šŸ˜› im gona miss all the group trips that we went on, and i think Jabla Tur, even though it was painful lol, and i get really sick right after it, was a perfect way to end the trip, and maybe the best of all the trips… O YA AND HOW CAN I FORGET THE MANGO JUICE!! well it was more like mango pulp… but still that was amazing lol, and the Sugarcane juice…

its funny, while in egypt i could only miss home, and now that im home i miss egypt… like the song says, you dont know what you got til its gone… Hamdulillah i cant thank everyone enough for putting this thing together, i know it took a lot of work, and inshAllah i think there is not one person on this trip that didnt walk out a little more spiritual and a little bit of a better Muslim, and inshAllah all the people that put this together will get the reward for that… Ameen.

Inshallah you all return home safely… and we gotta keep in touch man.. dont forget we gota a MAS conference coming up soon that we all gotta go to lol… Inshallah i will see you all soon, and if not, then inshallah i ask Allah that we can all meet each other in Jannah…if i had done anything good to help anyone then it was from Allah, and if i had done anything or said anything that offended anybody then it was from myself, and i ask for your sincere forgiveness…


Your Brother for life,


p.s. you ever need me, im only a phone call away, and anywhere from a 1 and half hour drive for Amr in Connecticut to a six hour flight for Ridwan in Cali, and everywhere in between..


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Last day in the mother of the world this blog died huh? lets try to revive it? or am i alone? :-P

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