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August 1, 2007 at 6:14 pm 1 comment

 ~Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem~

i just have a lot on my mind at the moment so here goes….

its hard to look around egypt and not be completely humbled at the opportunities we were given… the way some people live.. they arent waking up and thinkin about what restaurant they are eating at today… or how they hate work.. or they hate school.. theres people here who wake up and wonder how they are gonna survive this day.. how are they gonna get the food they need to live.. and for most people school isnt even an option… they either never had the financial ability or just never had the chance to begin with… so who are we to complain about this kind of stuff? and granted i may just be feeling this way right now, and when i go back to the US i mite feel like this for a lil while and then it will pass.. but for now.. at this moment.. it hurts me to think i could be so spoiled that i could feel like a blessing is not enough… its funny today i was listening to Imam Anwar Awlaki’s Lives of the Prophets.. the story of Musa (A) (u know with the whole Jubla Tur trip coming up and stuff) and he talks about a certain instance that happens where after they crossed the red sea into Sinai they were given by Allah a Rizq of this specific type of food which no one was given before them.. and they went to Prophet Musa and asked him if he could make dua’a to Allah to give them more of a variety… SubhanAllah, after just witnessing the miracles of Allah, after being given this amazing rizq, and after being freed from slavery… The Prophet Muhammed (S) said when we learn about the stories of bani Israel (the descendants of Yaqub, now better known as the jews) that we should relate them to ourselves because our Ummah will fall into a lot of the same mistakes that they fell into… so i couldnt help but relate this story to myself atleast in America.. Given this amazing rizq of being born into a country where i can practice my religion almost completely without hassle, go to what ever school i want to, not have to worry bout starvation or begging to live… and then to complain that i dont want this or that…

another way i started to look at it is that everyone in this life is tested… no one is tested more than anyone else, and the test of this life is not more than we can bare… but the test that we face may be different than another persons… some may deal with poverty, others with family issues.. so on and so forth… so when we are tested its easy to say that no way this is too much for me.. no one knows how i feel… but i swear there are people that feel the same way… just because they arent going through the same exact situation as u are.. doesnt mean they wont understand… and something that we feel like isnt that big a deal, others to themselves may see it as something huge in their life… life is funny like that.. i remember we were at hajj.. and we were with this one brother who, MashAllah was amazing… i mean like we were confused about a certain ayat and what surah it was in, so we asked him, and he knew exactly what ayat, where it was, on what page, what part of the page.. and so on and so forth.. and i remember we were all talking this one time, and he asked the sheikh that was with us this question.. and he was asking how to better oneself.. and then he started to cry.. and he said that he felt like he was such a bad muslim sometimes… and i couldnt help but take a step back.. and just be like wow… this person is someone that literally everytime i went to the masjid i saw him there… and he feels like he is a bad muslim.. how should i feel?

InshAllah we will all be able to pass our lifes test with the help of Allah… lol i kinda lost my train of thought.. in the internet cafe.. mad stuff going on… lol… but hamdulillah this post was getting a little long and probably annoying anyway.. if i remember any of the other stuff, i’ll try and post it..




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We have made some of you as a trial for others leaving the land of Musa (AS)

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  • 1. Raza  |  August 5, 2007 at 1:47 pm

    Nice post bro – see u soon Inshallah.


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