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Salam from Egypt

Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmat Allahy Wa Barakatu To All

Well I dont know where to start, maybe by thanking Allah (swt) for giving me this chance to be here to experience this beautiful country, as well as the people. then to everyone else like my mom who actually let me go…lol. And definitetly to all the inside people who made this trip possible like Heba, Ayman, and Abdul Rahman. I know that Im missing quite a few people so please forgive me for that, those are the people that Ive met in fact I didnt know about Abdul Rahman, my brother Musa told me to make sure to mention his name. A very very very special thanks to Hiat and Amr, whom without them we would have become savages…lol. Seriously though, Alhamdullilah for them both. theyre really handling everything well (with very little sleep. Inshallah Allah (swt) rewards them in the duniya and Akhira for there efforts in helping us all to learn the language of the Koran, which is almost the main purpose for all of us.

Overall its been real cool, It was kind of weird though because in the beginning I didnt feel like I was in Egypt, just the Real World “Egypt Style”…lol. Ive never travelled outside of America, but Im from Michigan, so it was kind of like going down Warren Ave. in Detroit. Now I see that theyre are definitely some differences.

We went to the Jumah prayer today and it was wonderful to see how many people attended. In America we do see a lot of people at the friday prayer but not this much and there are two mosques on every block. It was great seeing the hussel and bussel of Egypt. Inshallah we will keep you all posted.




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Update from Ummu Duniya

asalamu alaikum wa rahmatu Allah wa barakatu,

Alhamdulilah, All praise is due to Allah who made our travel and setup for the MY SAP easy. The brothers and sisters are settled in the apartments. The first few days were a little hectic setting up things. Yesterday we took our placement tests for our Arabic classes. Our sleeping schedule is almost fixed… i think…



We are all really excited. Alhamdulilah Al-Diwan center is very professional and the staff and teachers are very nice and hospitable. They are offering free classes on Saturday morning for tajweed and calligraphy for any one interested marking their ten year anniversary. Many have the intention to attend those classes. It is clear that the studying will be intense. Arabic class is 5 hours every day from Sunday to Thursday of class plus studying. As our dear brother Jamal reminded us in a khatirah a few nights ago… we will only get out of this trip what we put into it from effort.

Masjid Group Picture

Today we took a trip the Citadel of Salah Al-Din and Masjid Mohamed Ali Basha and Masjid Soltan Hassan. Simply magnificent! The richness of our Islamic history is something to be proud of and an encouragement for the future. One masjid has a hall where the king would hear complaints from the people. Another section of the masjid served as a hospital which includes a reception area, a quarantine, and six floors of rooms for patience. This is was all established 700 years ago. I felt I was walking in what was once such an advanced civilization.

Masjid Mohamed Ali

Masjid Soltan Hassan

We are planning more trips inshallah. We are working on our self-development plans and programs as well. One thing the brothers are doing is training to be content. Egypt has alot of little things that we are not used to as Americans. Heat with no AC sometimes, weird bathrooms, and a some other things. So every time we complain we have to do 15 push ups. By the end we will all be very patient and content, or just strong, or both 🙂

Please keep us in your dua that we benefit from this trip and that the SAP continues to give American Muslim Youth the chance to learn Arabic in this rich and fun experience.


More Cairo

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At the Hotel before taking off

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